I am terrible at telling stories. It’s not that I don’t have an engaging narrative method. The problem is that I simply don’t remember stories. I don’t recall anecdotes or my experiences very easily. So it always amazed me how some people are able to churn out endless entertaining or insightful stories. Then last night as I had some drinks with my friend, I figured out the secret.

I gotta tell stories/thoughts more if I want to remember them.

Never-ending stories — get it?

JThat’s why I’m starting this Medium page — to tell stories and my thoughts more.

I am a person with many shades and interests. I don’t plan to specify a topic in which I write about in Medium. This might hurt in terms of followers/reads, but I plan to make this as more of a formal diary type of communication.

Some of the topics I might write about are the following, but not limited to:

  1. Pharmacy + pharmaceuticals + healthcare
  2. Mental illnesses
  3. Religion
  4. Technology and Data
  5. Films and TV shows
  6. Other random miscellaneous topics I get interested enough to write about.

I hope I can keep up with some regular postings. No promises, though.